You Must Consider A Teapot’s Material Before You Decide To Buy It

There are many ways to prepare tea from traditional leaf tea into tea bags to the ceremonial cha no yu ceremony, or tea ceremony. Even for tea leaves, there are various instruments that you can use to achieve the best results. Teapots, filter cups, several automatic tea servers, etc. When I chose the teapot, I not only saw the artistic look and feel, but also the functionality and usability. Teapots are carefully designed and created to maximize tea brewing results and ease of use. A delicious teapot also gives great taste and trust because it always performs best. We will see beyond the ease of use and cleaning. Meanwhile, if you need a high-quality teapot made of a special kind of iron, we suggest you check out Teekanne aus Gusseisen.

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What ingredients are used for the teapot can sometimes make a difference. I like to use red clay pots or clay pots. Red clay has finer pores than pottery. Ceramics and glass are considered to have no or little importance to pores. These pores in a clay pot can make tea feel lighter in some types of green tea. Also, clay teapots absorb oil and aroma and over time they begin to get an older look and unique aroma that is released when the tea is made.

Many people like that Yixing teapots make the best tea making, but we need to be aware that clay also has different values like tea leaves. Not all clay from Yixing works the same way.

I have done a blind test to see which tea is the best. I love clay pots for green tea for Mauna Kea Green Tea Spring flush and summer and Japanese sencha in various classes. In the end, we need to realize that water quality affects the taste of tea so that the type of clay isn’t the only factor, so I suggest you find your favorite combination.

Besides clay pots, sometimes I often use ceramics and glass. Ceramics and glass tend to exaggerate the bitterness and astringency of tea so I like to use it when I want to improve certain characteristics or do a taste test. I can’t find a good glass teapot. Maybe the glass pan production process makes it difficult to form certain shapes.

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