What Is TV Advertisement?

Television advertising is something that is common and we often see in everyday life. It’s because after being sold commercially, television or we often call TV is no longer a luxury item and tends to be ordinary items that we can see at home, in the office and even posted as a source of entertainment, news and even as an advertising medium. The definition of the TV or ctv advertising is: (Advertisement) Info or messages delivered to the general public with the aim of introducing, inviting, persuading the public to want or participate in a particular invitation posted or published through a one-way audio-visual information media or television (TV).

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Television or TV is a media that can provide convenience and comfort for viewers because the TV can present sound and images that can move according to the original. Therefore, television or TV provides an important role in socialization, even television can be referred to as social media. So that television or tv is much loved by the community as a medium of entertainment and information media.

Where television or tv broadcasts are watched by many people, this provides an opportunity for the emergence of television as an advertising media. Advertisers are interested in posting television advertisements because TV is a broad broadcast media so that it will be seen or watched by the wider community.

In addition, most television and television networks and stations also offer sales offers to advertisers or sponsors of some part of their broadcast time to finance the broadcast network in the form of advertising. And for this, TV advertisers will be charged a different fee according to the rating of the broadcast program aired.

As television viewers, we will often see television commercials or tv advertisements on the sidelines of the shows we watch. For some people, television commercials or TV commercials can be considered disturbing, but for people of a certain age, television commercials can be entertaining.

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