Things That Are Sometimes Forgotten In Self-Storage

When you realize that your house can’t store things anymore because there isn’t enough space, this is the right time for you to look for 自存倉. But in planning a self-storage, we cannot act carelessly. One of this self-storage can not even be used because it damages the items stored in it mini warehouse and storage.

There are several things we must pay attention to in planning a self-storage:

• Types of objects that will be stored in it.
Keep in mind that each type of object has a different way of treatment. Liquid objects have different storage methods. Moreover, certain chemical liquids that require special storage methods, good air circulation, away from sunlight, and so on. Group each object according to its nature and usefulness.

Sports equipment such as golf club bags, basketball, baseball bats can be stored in one place. Painting tools such as oil paint, turpentine, brushes, canvas, canvas supports can be grouped into one. Food and beverage supplies must be kept separate from other non-food items. Recognizing objects to be stored will make it easier for us to determine the location, material, and self-storage design. We can also determine the appropriate form of storage cabinet in self-storage. Observe the storage instructions printed on the label, packaging, and product manual (if any).

• Self-storage location.
In general, so that stored objects are not damaged, self-storage needs a cool, dry location, easy to achieve but protected from pests such as termites and rodents. The location that we usually use as self-storage is the attic (the room under the roof and above the ceiling), the area under the stairs, next to the kitchen, and so on. Even underground areas can be used as self-storage. Of course, the area needs to be given special treatment so that it is waterproof and remains dry and not damp. Need to be taken into consideration is that self-storage needs to be easily achieved so that the process of entering and leaving goods is easy to do, as well as the process of maintaining and repairing self-storage is easy to do.

• Self-storage material.
The material commonly used is the wall of red brick or concrete. Floor coatings also need to be adjusted to the objects that will be stored in it. If the weight is a bit heavy, cement-coated concrete floors can be used. If you use ceramic, it is feared that it will break easily if the object is stored for a long time in the same position. The self-storage door closing material also adapts to the objects stored in it.

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