Natural Ways To Remove Pests

Nobody likes pests. Many animals are classified as pests and do not mean that they always appear in agricultural or plantation areas. Your lovely home can also be visited and disturbed by them. And if that happens you need to get help from professional home pest control to make sure your house free of pest quickly and effectively without any hassle. But if you want to try to get rid of the pest on your own you could try to use natural ingredients to make your house free of pest.

1. Mice. The presence of mice that are easily seen makes it even more disturbing. Getting rid of them just needs peppermint or onion. You just take enough cotton and then dip it in peppermint oil then put the cotton into the rat’s nest or the rat often traverses. Or, blender some onion then mix with a little water. The stinging scent will make the mouse feel uncomfortable and will leave.

2. Mosquitoes. Being bitten by a mosquito does only cause itching, but the risk of getting malaria and dengue is far more dangerous than just itching on the body. Instead of using artificial mosquito repellents that are at risk of endangering health, natural ingredients such as lavender flowers, pepper, and coffee grounds can also be used to repel mosquitoes. Put lavender flowers in every room of your house. Another way to try is to put pepper or coffee grounds in an open container.

3. Cockroaches. Cockroaches reproduce very quickly in the dirtiest places. Instead of using chemical repellent on the market, you can use a mixture of pepper, garlic, and shallots. Blend all ingredients until smooth and dissolve with water as needed. Then spray the solution on the cockroach nest, the aroma of the solution will expel it without remaining.

4. Bed Bugs. Although invisible to the naked eye, research shows that the average bed is inhabited by millions of bed bugs! Although the method of expulsion will make your bed smell, this method is worth trying to reduce the number of lice on your bed, because their bites can cause skin diseases. Blend finely onion and mix with enough water and spray on pillows and mattresses. Set a schedule for spraying this liquid into your bed, so that your sleep becomes more comfortable without interruption.

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