How To Avoid Electrical Shock

An electrical shock is not something that you could take lightly because it is dangerous. If this is something that you experienced when plugging or unplugging power outlet then you need to call electrician Columbia SC immediately. The damage in the socket could be the cause of electrical shock so you need to fix it as soon as you know there is a problem before you put your family at risk.

However, you need to be careful when handling electrical equipment. If hands are wet, it must be dried before installing or unplugging the power outlet to or from the socket. If you are afraid when installing or unplugging the power jack to or from the wall socket, because you see the quality of the power jack that is not convincing, you can stand on the carpet, rubber mat or wear rubber boots or sandals while doing the activity. This will prevent the danger of electric shock because there is no electric current flowing in the body. Remember, always replace with a new one for electrical plugs, electrical sockets or cables that are peeled off if you look unconvincing. If there are plugs or electrical outlets that are exposed to splashes of water (usually when it rains), do not use them until they are completely dry or dried with a dryer. In some cases, the socket must be insulated so that it is not used by others. Do not pile electrical sockets and use only one electrical outlet per one of the electrical outlet holes to avoid shorting that can burn the electrical appliance. Avoid electrical accidents to young children by removing or closing electrical contract stops either on switches, sockets, cables, connections, and others.

Be aware of power sources or electrical cables close to trees, TV antenna poles, radio antenna poles, telephone poles, and other poles. Prune branches and leaves when dry if you have touched the power cord carefully. Check the pole that touches the power cord, if there is electricity, contact an electrician to fix it so that you do not get a dangerous electric shock.

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