Find Common Interests If You Want To Text A Girl

When starting a conversation and texting a girl you like is no longer difficult, you will face a new challenge in the process that is running out of topics. Well, it will be impossible if every day you ask her a cliché question like ‘what are you doing?’ all the time. So, for the sake of the sustainability of your approach, you need to know some exciting and effective approaching topics to make your crush interested in carrying on the conversation with you. Before you discuss any topic of text that is interesting for your crush, you need to know how to chat right so that your crush remains comfortable chatting with you. Because if you already make her uncomfortable or awkward she would not want to discuss any chat topics with you.

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Next, you need to dig up more information about what is the interest of your crush, and you need to know that you have some common interests. If you find it hard to get her interest then you could try to talk about books, music, movies or other artwork. Have you ever thought about it? Why the hell are girls always crazy about poetic guys, good at music, good at writing or artistic? Because art is indeed beautiful and hypnotizes admirers. Try it, ask yourself: Is there a story that you like? Books, movies or even anime? Don’t be insecure, there’s nothing wrong with liking those specific things. Whatever it is that you like, try to develop it.

In this world, there are so many stories, which are contained in millions of forms of art that you will find interesting to admire and you could tell about it enthusiastically to your crush. And, consider yourself lucky if you have often read many books, watched lots of films, listened to lots of music from various genres, just by exchanging stories with your crush about books or movies that you’ve both read, your conversation will never run out, will instead lead the way to the next conversation.

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