Condo Unit Owners Must Make Their Own Cleaning Schedule

One of the tips to clean the condo unit you can do is making a weekly cleaning schedule. Choose one day a week as a day for cleaning. On that day you vacuum the floor, sofa, change bedsheets, towels, clean the bathroom, and wipe the table. In addition, create a monthly condominium cleaning schedule. On this monthly cleaning day you really have to clean the ceiling area, the location hidden behind the furniture, vacuum the carpet, and so on. In addition, you can also do a toothbrush replacement and also throw away makeup tools and personal care that has expired. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an excellent condo at a cheap price, we suggest you take a look at the Dairy Farm Residence price.

Also, you need to keep your condo unit clean. This is the most difficult part because it deals with habits. After your condo unit is clean, do not repeat the various dirty habits that you often do before. The way is easy, the point is to repay the whole job. Start from washing dishes and cooking utensils immediately after eating, washing clothes every day even a little, and putting things in their right place. Additionally, if you wish to buy a cheap condo with decent quality, we recommend you to check out the Dairy Farm Residence price.

If you want to be more organized, you can also write things to do when cleaning in the notes, then check the activities that have been done. Keeping track of things like this will further keep your unit clean.

You may do the following things to keep your Dairy Farm Residence condo unit clean:

Don’t forget about the dirty clothes basket. Maintain the habit of putting dirty clothes there.

Tidy up your bed every morning.

Wipe the surface in the bathroom, especially the parts of stainless steel and glass that are often dirty because of water spots.

Clean the countertop and dining table with a versatile cleanser every time you finish cooking and eating.

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