4 Tips For You Who Wants To Start Skateboarding

Skateboarding is now increasingly being chosen by teenagers, especially teenage boys as their sports hobby electric cruiser board. But make no mistake if this game is also favoured by children. Now many people play kids longboard, skateboard or even mini longboard. Because without realizing it, this game also has many health benefits such as can strengthen the body’s metabolism and can avoid stress. Well, besides being cool, skateboarding has a lot of excitement of its own in applying its techniques.

For you beginners in longboard or skateboarding, here are some tips you can follow:

– Buy a Board at a Skateboard Specialty Shop

Don’t buy at the bookstore, don’t buy at the toy store, yeah, bro. Buy skates at a store that specializes in skateboarding equipment so that the quality is guaranteed.

– Must Use Safety Equipment

Well, the necessary safety devices are elbow and knee protectors and helmets. Then, wear shoes that are special for skating. Do not use running shoes or regular sneakers. Skate shoes have been specially designed so that they are not slippery when standing on a skateboard.

– Learning Balance

Try to learn to balance yourself with your right foot in front (goofy) or left foot in front (regular) Then glide slowly first. Make sure the feet on the board stand straight ahead while the other foot pushes forward.

If it’s fast enough, then your hind legs will be raised. When your legs are on the board, make sure your feet are tilted so that it is easier to control the direction and do the trick.

– Must be Ready to Fall

Learning to skate must be prepared with the risk of falling. Well, make sure you know a good way to fall, that is, when you fall, position your body first and fall right away. This is to reduce the risk of fatal future.

– Watch Video Skate often

This will help you to practice. Look for trick references. And of course, you will be more motivated if you watch videos rather than pros.

You can also hone your skills and knowledge about skateboarding tricks by playing videogames.

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